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Private villa catered events in Barcelona managed by ONE Events

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Experienced private villa event planners and caterers based in Barcelona, Spain

Professional events management company handling villa events in Barcelona

Many events in Barcelona of various types (from small, intimate groups to large corporate functions) are held in private villas in Barcelona and the surrounding areas of the Costa del Sol in Spain. Ranging from weddings to secluded private parties, the team of One Events will be able to provide you with everything you need. From choosing the venue / villa for your event, right down to helping you select what colour candle to put on the steps in the courtyard. No detail is missed.

Catering services for events housed in private villas in Barcelona are provided professionally and with an extreme attention to detail to all of the finer aspects of your event.

With years of experience working with private villa owners and other established event venues in Barcelona, we are uniquely positioned to suggest & coordinate the rental of your ideal villa.

Our event management team based in our offices throughout Spain and in Barcelona can pull together all aspects of any sized event in Barcelona, not only those held in private villas.

Even if it is the first time you are organising a private villa event in Barcelona , we can assist you in all aspects. Our services extend far beyond professional event catering and we can provide you with equipment hire and design, entertainment and accessories and much more.

Private villa events in Barcelona, when organised through One Events are always a success. For more information about organising or assisting you to plan a private villa event in Barcelona, please contact us.

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